Frequently Asked Questions


+ What makes higher testosterone in the meat better? Is there evidence to support that eating more testosterone results in higher testosterone in the body?

It is well documented that men today have significantly lower testosterone levels than in the past. See "A population-level decline in serum testosterone levels in American men.", Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism 92:196-202 (Travison, Araujo, O'Donnell, Kupelian, McKinlay). A study by Fritsche and Steinhart ( shows bull meat has a median of 34 times more testosterone and more than twice as much epitestosterone than steer meat.

Timothy Ferriss's book The Four Hour Body shows how eating beef and Brazil nuts (high in selenium) increases testosterone. Standard Process's book "1 Degree of Change" (free PDF) shows grass-fed beef has healthier ratios of Omega-6 to Omega-3 than grainfed cows (2:1 to 4:1 for the former versus 18:1 for the latter). Dr. Mercola shows that consuming zinc and D3 increases testosterone. My cattle have free choice access to zinc, selenium, and D3. So, if eating beef, zinc, selenium, and D3 increases testosterone, then it would seem a reasonable conclusion that eating beef from bulls, with significantly higher levels of testosterone than steers (bulls have had free access to zinc, selenium, and D3), would increase one's testosterone levels. However, I don't have a specific double-blind study to cite comparing human testosterone levels in response to a diet of bull versus steer beef. If anyone becomes aware of one, please let me know. I haven't made a thorough search, by the way, nor am I a large corporate operation ready to fund such a study.

Higher testosterone in the meat tends to raise the pH increasing the chance of "dark cutters" if the animal is stressed or draws upon its glycogen levels prior to slaughter. Postmortem glycolysis gives off lactic acid, but if the animal is stressed prior to slaughter and uses its glycogen reserves, there will be less lactic acid available from postmortem glycolysis to lower the pH—which results in bright red meat. If the pH gets above 6.0, this will tend to make the meat darker. (

But this affects marketability, not taste—people tend to want to buy bright red steaks. So, while higher testosterone in the meat can be bad (solely for the seller because the meat might not turn out bright red), it can be better if it raises the testosterone levels of the one eating it. I believe it does for the aforementioned reasons, though I don't have a study with data to cite proving this.

+ What breed of cattle do you raise?

We currently have hereford cows (red and white) and angus cows (black) with an angus bull and a brangus bull. I am planning to attend embryo transplant school in the summer to introduce wagyu bloodlines into the herd for enhanced marbling in the steaks.

+ Do you do tours?

Yes, provided you are a private individual, not an agent, informant, or employee for a competitor, public entity, corporation, or agency, then I would be glad to show you and any of your friends my private operation and try to answer any questions, preferably on the weekend. The tour ends with a free sample of beef. I would welcome your visit.

+ How do I purchase your beef?

Please use our new online store to order any beef we offer. The best way, if you want a half-beef or quarter-beef, is to provide a deposit for your order ($300 for quarter beef, $500 for half beef, and $900 for whole beef). I will then deliver the live animal on a Sunday to the butcher. Monday morning the butcher will call to provide the carcass weight, and then the balance is due.

Once you have paid the full price based on the hanging carcass weight, you can call the butcher directly and provide instructions for how you want your meat cut. The customer pays for all the processing costs, which are currently between $0.95 and $1.15 per pound, depending on whether you want freezer paper or vacuum shrink wrapped. The butcher will hang the carcass for up to two weeks free for tenderizing.

For customers who want less than ¼ beef, I can make flexible arrangements to pair you up with others who also want smaller quantities. Payment is accepted in cash, check, bitcoin, or gold/silver coin. It is extremely easy to own bitcoin. Go to to learn how.