Our Farm Began More Than Two Centuries Ago. . .

We focus on beef from bulls, not steers, because bull meat is higher in testosterone, a hormone conspicuously low in today's modern men and women (see F.A.Q. for more info). With a toxic cesspool of plastics and endocrine disruptors present in our environment, many men lack the vitality and fortitude once common due to malnutrition and low testosterone levels. Our herd has access to selenium (among other loose minerals), an element important in the synthesis of testosterone. And bulls grow faster and more robust than steers because they naturally produce their own growth hormones with their testicles intact. Both men and women need testosterone. By eating healthy portions of beef with balanced levels of selenium as well as testosterone, the human body will respond well.

Harriss High Test Bull Beef Farm utilizes high-density mob grazing to improve the soil ecosystem and balance soil fungi, bacteria, and microbes by using livestock to help with carbon sequestration. The result of our grazing techniques is an explosion of microbial life in the soil which drastically increases the fertility, growing sweet grasses that attract wildlife from miles around and producing high-quality, nutritionally-dense beef. We harvest the grass with a combination of cows, goats, and sheep to deliver top quality meats in a grazing management system that leaves the soil in better condition after each grazing cycle. For many farms using these grazing techniques, older seeds buried in the soil for many decades are sprouting, bringing back an even greater forage variety for maximum livestock and soil health.

Our beef cows produce tender, tasty meat on grass only—no grain. A cow is a herbivore; they are designed to eat grass, not grain. Compared with grain-fed meat, grass-fed meats have 5 times more cancer-fighting CLA (conjugated linoleic acid), four times more vitamin E, three times more heart-friendly, omeg 3 fatty acids and twice as much beta carotene. It’s lower in total fat, saturated fat and calories as well. Fatty acids are essential in our diets and are required for a healthy body, but they must be in the correct proportion. The natural availability of that proportion has seriously changed in this country due to the extensive grain feeding in the last 50 years. We are what we eat, and we need balance in that consumption. The only way to get the correct proportions is to choose grass-fed animal products.

We feed minerals buffet style. There are many pre-mixed mineral salts on the market that assume a needed ratio of minerals, but these pre-mixed minerals can't account for the unique soil balance of a given farm. However, animals know best: from the grasses they are grazing to what minerals and nutrients are missing in their diet. Our buffet style mineral bin has 20 different compartments for Iodine, Calcium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Magnesium, Manganese, Selenium, Salt, Vitamins A, D, & E, Boron, Copper, Silicon, and various other individual minerals so that the herd animals can balance their own bodies. They, in turn, distribute balanced organic fertilizer to the fields and balance the soil to grow sweet, vigorous, vibrant grazing foliage that attracts wildlife from many miles away. Because of optimum animal health achieved by buffet-style minerals and rotational grazing, parasites are minimized. The result? High quality beef.